Online payday loans -Payday loans online: click the Request a loan button

Online payday loans -Payday loans online: click the Request a loan button

Payday loans online: click the Request a loan button now

Online loans are very popular not only because of the short waiting time for money but also because of the uncomplicated proceduresWhat do you need to get extra cash in a short time? If you decide to take a loan, all you need is a computer or telephone with access to the network and a few free minutes.

To use an online loan,  you must meet several criteria. Just that you are a citizen with a permanent place of residence on its territory, you are between 21 and 70 years old, you are not on any register of debtors and you have the ability to repay the loan. The last criterion is related to the examination of your creditworthiness. If you get a positive assessment and meet the above conditions, the loan should be granted to you. Other formal requirements include, of course, having a bank account and an active Customer Profile on the Lite lender website.

Online loans – 3 easy steps

Online loans - 3 easy steps

After making sure that you meet all of the above requirements, you can proceed to submit a loan application online. It takes literally a moment and involves performing a few simple steps on a website or via a mobile application.

The submission of the application is very intuitive. After entering the page, on the slider mark the amount you are interested in and the preferred amount of installments. In response, the screen will display information about the repayment period, the total cost of the loan, the total amount to be paid and the date of the first payment. After reading these terms, you click “I want a loan” and then you will be directed to the registration form.

After completing the data, submitting the required statements, paying a symbolic, returnable registration fee of USD 0.01, all you need to do is fill in information about your source of income and the number of monthly obligations. Now just wait for the result of the creditworthiness assessment, and if you receive a positive decision – for the transfer of the loan amount.

The registration fee is for security purposes. You make a transfer from a bank account you own, which is an additional confirmation of your personal data and makes it difficult for third parties to take a loan in your name. Although the amount is only symbolic 1 dollar, the fee is immediately refunded.

Lite lender also has the ability to verify your data via the system, so you don’t have to transfer a symbolic penny, and the decision-making process is even faster.

Online loans are money even in 15 minutes

Online loans are money even in 15 minutes

Money on your account can be found in up to 15 minutes. Importantly, this time is counted from the moment the lender issues a positive creditworthiness assessment, not from the moment the application is submitted. However, this procedure usually does not last long. If you have an account with one of the banks cooperating with Lite lender, you can expect funds even in a few minutes from the decision to grant a loan. In other cases, the money will be credited to your account according to the times of outgoing and incoming bank sessions.

Internet loans – amounts, dates and useful information

You can apply for a loan in the amount of USD 1,000 to USD 10,000, with no income certificate needed for an amount of up to USD 5,000. As for the repayment period, you can choose from 3 to even 24 months. It all depends on your individual needs.

Even with a realistic assessment of your own capabilities and determining the number of installments, there may be a month in which it will be difficult for you to make money. Fortunately, online loan institutions offer the option of postponing the repayment date by one month. In the case of commitments incurred for 24 months, the loan holiday offer can be used up to four times. As soon as this option becomes available to you, you will be notified by email and you can manage the service using the mobile application. There you will also find information about the amount to be transferred for postponing the repayment date by one month.

Taking a loan online does not involve lengthy formalities. You can literally submit your application in minutes, without leaving your home.

Danielle Campbell